Represent your profession and get involved with your professional society 

There are lots of great ways to become involved with the VT/ NH SRC, no matter if you are interested in a Board position or just want to come to a meeting to see what it's all about. Our Board of Directors meets monthly with zoom meetings on the second Tuesday of the month. Attendance can be in person or on zoom. Our Board has fun networking together while planning events, working with other state societies, and advocating for the advancement of Respiratory Therapists in our states. Come see what our board does and get to enjoy the networking and fun that we have doing it. 

If you have interest in any of the below positions, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming Board of Directors openings:

Secretary 2023-2025

Treasurer 2023-2025

House of Delegates 2023-2026

Board Member at Large 2023- 2025

Education Committee members- renew yearly